Commercial Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to commercial spaces, durable, heavy-duty flooring is essential to stand up to everyday demands. Our experienced team specialises in our very own epoxy floor coating systems, crafted for durability,  stain resistance, and to provide you with flooring that lasts.


Why Choose Commercial Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring solutions are suitable for a variety of applications such as retail outlets, canteens, garages, museums, aquatic centres, stadiums, schools, universities, and hospitals. There are several benefits to choosing epoxy flooring for your commercial space:


  • Long-lasting strength and durability

  • High impact and scratch resistance 

  • Strong chemical and UV resistance

  • Can be installed over old or new concrete 

  • Anti-microbial and hygienic 

  • Low maintenance and easy to clean 

  • Delivers aesthetic improvements to your space



Our product range includes flake floor system, metallic enhanced, and coloured aggregate floors which are fantastic for commercial and retail environments. The system can be finished with varying degrees of slip resistance and sheen.


Epoxy Roll Coat Systems

The system is a great solution for protecting concrete or mineral substrates against chemical attacks or to deliver a light, reflective floor coating.

Slip resistance level can be customisable , making it perfect for a wide range of applications including auto workshops, aircraft hangars, walkways, storage, and engineering facilities.


Epoxy Polyurethane Trowel Applied Systems

This system comprises a 4-6mm thick epoxy application delivering fantastic impact resistance for heavier duty environments. Our range  includes slip ratings ranging from P3-P5.

This flooring solution is perfect for any heavy-duty chemical resistance flooring including commercial kitchens, bars, food and beverage production facilities, or workshops.


Epoxy Coving

To meet the high level of hygiene standards in many facilities, epoxy based coving is required. We can install any size or shape as the epoxy mortar is an in situ application that conforms to the contours of the floor/wall junction.


Trafficable Membrane System

Our rapid curing flexible system is designed with a high abrasion resistance to handle long term vehicle traffic in commercial environments.

The system provides protection from water ingress while still delivering flexibility to accommodate crack movement, ensuring efficacy in waterproofing. Slip resistance up to P5 levels with a high chemical resistant satin finish.


European Rapid Curing System 

Termishine has access to European technology that can deliver ultra fast return to service on any type of floor required. The rapid curing resin can be completed overnight or in a day and is fully trafficable in 90 minutes following the final coat. This option can be used in conjunction with our other epoxy systems and decorative finishes.

At Termishine, we have exceptionally high standards to deliver flooring that is built to last. 

We are happy to help you make the right decision for your commercial flooring. 

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