Flake Floor Finishes

Polyaspartic/polyurea floor coatings provide an attractive and durable concrete flooring system.  Coloured flakes are imbedded into the floor coatings creating an outstanding visual effect. There is an exciting and extensive range of colours with many options for the imbedded flakes and final coat textures.


What Are Flake Flooring Systems?

These systems have a scattering of decorative flakes sandwiched between a base coat and finishing coat. The flakes are either polymer (plastic) or reflective metallic.

The flakes, also known as chips, come in a wide range of colours and sizes. You can choose the density and pattern that is applied to the floor. This called the broadcast level. 

This allows you to create an individual and unique look for your internal flooring. Designs and options are only limited by your imagination.


Our Processes

Our quality controlled processes involve expert grinding and etching of the concrete floor to create a bonding surface for the epoxy or polyurea base coat.

Whilst this coat is sticky we apply the flakes in a broadcast or pattern of your choice.

Once this coat has set, we remove loose flakes and scrape the floor to achieve a smooth and level surface.

Another top coat is applied with your choice of matt, satin or high gloss (wet look) finishes.


Polyaspartic/polyurea floor systems are an alternative to other types of flooring with the following advantages:

  • 100% UV resistance and long life colour retention
  • Strong chemical and water resistance
  • Non slip and seamless
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistance to damage from impact or abrasion - ideal for high traffic areas


Termishine Flake Floor Swatches

*swatches are for illustration purposes only. Final finish may appear differrent.

It's important to us that you make the right decision about flake flooring. Call or email us for obligation-free advice or a no-pressure quote.

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