Elevate your property with our residential epoxy flooring solution. Other than being a beautiful floor feature, this durable flooring is anti-microbial and hygienic, perfect for high traffic areas.


Our Residential Services

Our team specialises in applying flooring services across different residential areas indoor and outdoor.

Indoor Epoxy Flooring 

Create a luxurious look with the upkeep. Epoxy flooring is a highly resistant indoor flooring solution that is easily maintained and long-lasting. 


Epoxy Garage Floor

Looking to build a space that can stand up to everyday demands? Our epoxy garage flooring will transform your garage into the ultimate dual-purpose space. Its non-slip texture creates the perfect safe working space withstanding high vehicle traffic.


Concrete Floor Sealer Application

Protect your indoor and outdoor flooring from water penetration and contaminates with commercial-grade sealers. Our team specialises in applying extremely durable flooring sealers to prolong the life of your substrate. 

Polished Concrete

Creating an industrial floor finish is easier than you think. Our cementitious overlay with our durable sealer will achieve a polished concrete look that will last.


Our Finishes

Our epoxy floor range includes a variety of different finishes, with your choice of a matte, semi, or a high gloss topcoat to create an individual finish and unique look for your floor.

We have a wide range of epoxy flake floor and metallic finishes available to create a unique feature in your home.


We are happy to help you make the right decision for your residential flooring. 

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